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The world's wealthiest countries

'The Euro crisis has left its mark on the savings of private households, especially in Italy,' says economist Kathrin Brandmeir

7 ways to save £700 a year on food

As a nation we throw away far too much food. Not only is it wasteful and bad for the environment, it’s expensive too. Here are seven ways you can save food and money

Survival guide to overdrafts

In an ideal world an overdraft is something you’d only use for short-term borrowing. It’s a cushion for when your pay cheque is late or it’s an emergency pot of cash for when there’s a sudden expense that’s not been budgeted for. For everyone else – more than one in ten Brits 'live' in their overdraft – it's an expensive way to conduct their financial affairs. But whether you’re occasionally dipping into minus figures or you’re permanently in the red, having the right account can make a big difference. Here's what you need to know.

The painful cost of a free education

Failure to acknowledge the true cost of education heaps pressure on parents already feeling the strain. But some are now taking matters into their own hands

Survival guide to current account interest

The dramatic demise of the top interest-earning current account this week may feel like the final nail in the cash coffin. Actually, it’s just time to think a little laterally

Survival guide to PPI

It was the archetypal dodgy bank dealing that has been punished to the tune of £billions, but the end is nigh for the PPI cash cow

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