About membership

The benefits keep coming

Membership of Lifetime Legal delivers valuable benefits and practical support not just once, but for the whole duration of membership – with the peace of mind that professional help is there whenever needed.

There are levels of membership and benefits to suit all circumstances, with a discounted option for MAB Mover members to upgrade to full membership for just £60.

Here is a comparison of MAB Mover membership with Full Lifetime Legal membership. The detailed benefits within our legal fees are explained alongside our conveyancing quotes. Click here for a quick conveyancing quote, emailed direct to you.

MAB Mover Membership*

Full Member

Legal Advice Line × ×
Discounted Will Writing Services × ×
Discounted Fixed Fee Legal Services × ×
Discounted Conveyancing ×
Mover Protection × ×
Physical Document Storage ×
Probate Advice × ×
Probate Broking Service × ×
Will Amendments ×

*MAB Mover member benefits are valid for 3 months from activation.