Energy Performance Certificate

What is an Energy Performance certificate?

An Energy performance certificate (EPC) provides a potential buyer with important information about how energy efficient a building is. It will give the building a rating between ‘A’ meaning the building is very energy efficient and ‘G’ meaning the building is energy inefficient. It also lets the buyer know how much it might cost them to heat and light the building and an indication of what the buildings carbon dioxide emissions will be.

Do I need one?

It is required by law in England and Wales that any property being built, sold or rented have a valid Energy Performance Certificate. You can only place a property on the market if you either have an EPC or one has been ordered as home sellers must provide any potential buyers with one.

Having a good rating on an EPC report can make your property more attractive to a buyer, having a EPC report done early on allows the seller the opportunity to make improvements to the property which could in turn make it more likely to sell.

What does it include?

An Energy performance certificate will provide;

  • An energy efficiency grading for the property
  • Information about the properties energy use, carbon dioxide emissions and fuel costs
  • Recommendations of how to improve the energy efficiency of the property
  • Possible cost savings of making the improvements

Where do I get one?

An EPC is produced by an Accredited Domestic Energy Assessor, you can find an assessor by using the ‘find a domestic energy assessor’ in the EPC registry on the department for communities and local government website.

The energy assessor will produce their report after a visit to the property.

Most estate agents will include an Energy Performance certificate as part of the conveyancing package and therefore will arrange for the visit and report to be produced. It would also be their responsibility to ensure there is a valid EPC for the property in order to start marketing it.

How long does it take?

You will need to arrange a time for your energy assessor to visit the property, the time it takes the assessor to complete their report is dependent on the size and type of property. An assessment can take anywhere between 20 minutes for a smaller property to 2 hours, sometimes longer, for a large property with several rooms.

Most providers are able to produce the certificate on the same day as the survey, where as others may take 2-3 days to compile the report. Once the report is completed it is valid for 10 years.