Unique benefits of Mover Membership

Mover Protection

Your customers can benefit from up to £720 on a sale and £1,850 on a purchase, if their transaction fails for reasons beyond their control and, thanks to MIDAS, there are no forms to fill in – membership is automatic on every mortgage application you do.

Complimentary standard Single Will or Mirror Will

Drafted by our expert solicitors, a complimentary Will is the perfect platform for a discussion about protection, especially as MAB’s advice standards recommend that single policies are placed in Trust. Our simple effective process will ensure that all of your customers get expert estate planning advice. Those with more complex affairs will receive a written recommendation.

Great value for money

Mover Protection, a complimentary Will, legal advice and digital document storage: All this is worth over £200 to your client, but will cost you just £40 (inc VAT) – and can be easily built into an application fee charged to the client

This comprehensive set of member benefits needs to be offered to all mortgage and re-mortgage applicants for you to enjoy such a competitive price. When you register as an introducer for Mover Memberships, MIDAS will automatically instruct us on every submission, and the fees will be itemised on your MAB banked statement.

And Free for Protection-only customers

When you register your business as an introducer for Mover Memberships, your Protection only customers will benefit too. We will provide Protection Members with a complimentary Will, a Digital document Vault, and access to our legal advice line. This is a great tool when reviewing a customer’s existing protection arrangements, reviewing what’s written into Trust and making your Protection review a market-beating service.

Unlimited Legal Advice

As a member, clients have access to unlimited legal advice from our panel of expert solicitors, your clients can call for telephone advice on a whole range of issues for 3 months.

Your Digital Document Vault

As secure as an online bank account, the Vault allows your clients to securely store and easily access their important legal, mortgage and protection documentation – in one secure location. When they access their documents and need advice in the future, they will be referred back to you.

Extra revenue: Why not let us sell conveyancing for you?

Lifetime Legal’s expert sales agents can provide your customers with a fixed fee quote saving you time and helping you earn extra revenue. If your customers use our conveyancing service we’ll give you a referral fee on every completed transaction, as well as a refund of the £40 member fee! Just click the button in MIDAS and when we call to activate, we’ll quote for conveyancing as well. Our conversion rates are excellent so why not give us a try.

Revenue for life from your ‘member for life’

As well as arranging a mortgage and buying a property, there are a number of typical legal needs in a lifetime. For example, people write Wills, trusts and contracts, some get divorced and many estates need probate.

Whenever your members buy these services you’ll earn ongoing referral fees, and if they need financial services, we’ll refer them back to you!