Tenant and Landlord rights

As a tenant, the law gives you and your landlord rights to help keep you safe in your home.

Your Rights

  • To live in a property that is safe and in a good state of repair
  • To have your deposit returned when the tenancy ends – and to have it protected (if you have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy)
  • To challenge excessively high charges
  • To know who your landlord or their representative is
  • To live in the property undisturbed
  • To see an Energy Performance Certificate for the property
  • To be protected from unfair eviction and unfair rent
  • To have a written agreement if you have a fixed term tenancy of more than three years

If you do have a tenancy agreement, to have a fair one that complies with the law. If you don’t know who your landlord is, ask the person or company you pay rent to, in writing. They should give you this information within 21 days, otherwise your landlord could be at risk of a fine for not providing the details.

In return, your landlord has some rights too…

Landlord Rights

  • To reasonable access to the property for inspection or repairs (but they must give at least 24 hours’ notice and visit at a reasonable time of day, unless it’s an emergency)
  • To agree the terms of the tenancy (for example, the property cannot be sub-let without their agreement)
  • To receive rent on time
  • To receive proper notice of departure
  • To be able to serve an eviction notice if you do not pay rent and show no sign of doing so
  • To increase the rent at certain times and within certain circumstances, as long as the new rent is fair and justifiable
  • To charge the cost of any repairs to you if you caused them